Escape game Fantasy Land

Compañía: El Reto


C/ Juan Sebastián Elcano 12A, Plaza del Lápiz, s/n, local A, 41011 Sevilla ()

+34 673 81 33 10

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Oops, it seems that you have fallen asleep… and you have been magically transported into a dream-like world; called Fantasy Land! A world that defies the realm of logic and is full of wonderful creatures. But wait a moment! They are celebrating a Tea Party! You have arrived just in time. But these creatures have a secret…if you stay too long with them, you run the risk of getting locked in this kingdom for all eternity. Hurry up! You have 60 minutes to wake up.

Will you find the alarm clock and return to the real world, or will you be locked forever with talking cats and dancing hares?

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