Escape game DJ Session

Compañía: Escala Escape Room


Carrer Llebeig, 5, 17130 L'Escala, Girona ()

+34 621 21 59 76

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The oppening of the Spiral Disco high season has arrived, the best disco in Empodrà. It will be the party of the year, and the DJ must live up to the task. This is a unique possibility to enjoy a night with the International Dj. Kilombo. But it seems that the current resident DJ hasn’t taken very well that we haven’t counted on him for the inauguration. Although he is a great professional, he has an unstable and sinister mood, capable of doing anything crazy.

It will be an adventure, so come fully charged with energy because in the Spiral Disco you never know what can happen!

Grab your tickets now. Be the one!

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