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We are a Room Escape game in Barcelona. In ENIGMA we challenge the boldest , those who like the hard emotions, those that have a bomb-proof heart to resolve everyt kind of puzzles and several logical tests to achieve going out of a room, with the risk of remaining closed and to be part of the mystery forever. Do you have nerves made of steel? In ENIGMA many teams come in, decided to solve all the hieroglyphs and puzzles but you must take into account that you only have 60 minutes and time flies. Only a few achieve it, will you be one of them? Do you trust your team? It will be necessary to work as a flawless team, cooperating ones with the others to achieve a common end: to know the big mystery… and to be out in time. In ENIGMA do not expect to find anybody in the room expecting to scare you or throw you something, there only will be you to achieve the success or the failure.