Escape game Secrets of Tramontana

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‘Secrets of Tramontana’ is an outdoor escape, type of adventure game. Think clues and puzzles like an escape room but outside on a kayak, in the beautiful sun of the Costa Brava. Your task is to solve a local mystery of ‘why 5 young people strangely disappeared without a trace on the Catalan coast’. You’ll have three stops where you must dive, search and snorkel to find hidden clues and puzzles that must be solved to continue to the next stage. Will you discover the secret of Tramuntana?

This detective game begins on land and progresses into the water using a kayak. Before starting the outdoor escape room, your guide will provide you with your first clue and instructions to follow. With your Map in hand you have to explore the area, going through incredibly scenic coves, making stops, breaking codes, diving underwater, snorkelling and solving riddles.

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